What to do with all this advice?

What to do with all this advice?

Everywhere we look there is advice on health and nutrition. A new study or something we once thought was good, is now bad. Something we once thought was bad, is now good. The information is confusing and convoluted from company-funded studies. All sorts of people twist information to their benefit and market the next big craze to sell something or have a story to tell.

I’m tired of it. I am sick, really, of all the BS that liters the industry trying to make a buck while we, the everyday people – listening, don’t have the time to research each new claim and cross reference to find out if it has value for us.

Now, just to be clear, I know there are amazing people and organizations out there doing amazing things and helping a lot of people. But, those voices are quieted by the next new hype or headline and the next magic pill or solution to our nutrition and health struggles.

What is the best combination of food, exercise, supplements and lifestyle factors that will bring me to my “superhero” self? The self that is indestructible, can do anything, and stacks the cards in the best possible way to live a life full of energy and wellness?

The problem is that a combination of factors doesn’t exist in a study, a bottle or a company’s philosophy and we never truly know if we have done all the right things in the exact right way – there are too many individual variables and too many differences among us.

What do we do and whom do we listen to? The first step is realizing you don’t need to be a health expert, but you do need to be your own scientist. Experimenting on what works and what doesn’t, for you. Keeping the things that do work and tossing the things that don’t – while tracking along the way. This will be a life long journey. We will not figure it out in a quick fix program or the hottest new fade. Intuitively, we know those are not the answers. It is just so overwhelming, and makes it seem like “at least we are doing something”.

Where do we put our focus? There are themes in wellness, overarching commonalities that you can find in most recommendations. One commonality is eating real, unprocessed food. Eating a strawberry is better for us than any processed food like a “bar” with strawberries in it. I have yet to see anyone argue this fact, unless they are selling the bar with the strawberries in it. So, it is in these big overarching commonalities that we will focus. Every 30 days we will introduce a new habit. As a team, we will all focus on that one thing for the entire 30 days. During that time the program will help keep you accountable by tracking our habits daily, but you will need to become your own scientist.

Determine at the end of the 30 days how that habit has affected your overall well being (your energy, mindset, how you feel, look and perform). If it made you closer to your “superhero” self, BY GOLLY, keep the habit and get excited about trying something new. If it didn’t, toss it and try the next one. This model is designed to build the habits we all intuitively know we need to be doing into our lives. We use big picture concepts that have the largest impact on the overall achievement of our “superhero” self by making them part of our everyday and then building on those successes.

This is not a quick fix. We do not claim to have a magic pill. We are tired of the magic pill claims and ready to build a life we are excited to live. A life that is fun, simple, energizing and something everyone can do. Through each new habit you will have the peace of mind that you are making changes that will last and you can hop off the roller coaster of the high-highs and low-lows. It’s time to be happy. It’s time to love yourself and it’s time this isn’t a burden, but an exercise in how to create habits that aid in anything you wish to add into your life.

Take a breath from the stress and the worry that you aren’t doing it perfect. Allow yourself to be a “project”. Be an evolving project that continues to change. A project that gets better each year, maybe not each day. Each day is linear and stressful. It means if I’m not better today than I was yesterday that I have failed in some way and that is just not the case. Becoming your “superhero” self is not a linear journey, it is more like walking a mountain range with a few too many false summits.

So let’s start by allowing ourselves to be where we are. Forgive yourself for not being perfect every day, because what is perfect anyways and let’s start a journey that focuses on one small, doable, simple habit at a time. By focusing on one habit at a time you will inevitably do more of that habit and have more energy towards it. Find small successes in each new habit. If it makes you feel better, look better, move more, be happier, keep that as a habit. Build it into a specific day of the week or time of the day to stack success on your side. Schedule it to keep it “sticking”. If the habit goes away over time, don’t stress you can always focus on it again and it will strengthen every time you put energy there. The goal is to build a life not a diet. Let’s start building on success!

Thank you for joining our team.

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