Is Hunger Normal?










If you are finding yourself hungry all the time something may be a bit off. Here are some questions to ask yourself that may eliminate the hunger pains.

  • Are your meals big enough?
  • Is there too much time between meals?
  • Are you eating enough micronutrient dense foods like vegetables?
  • Are you eating enough fat?
  • Are you eating enough protein?
  • How much water are you drinking and when was your last glass?
  • Are you really hungry, or just having a craving? Hunger is a physical pain in your stomach. Cravings are not.

Some hunger is normal, but not a lot of hunger and we certainly shouldn’t be thinking about food all the time. Sometimes just asking the questions gives a simple solution. If you find yourself craving regularly, dig a little deeper. What is your trigger for this craving? Is it a habit? Is it a stress response? Identify the trigger and you can more easily change the craving habit.

Here is a simple guide on feeling hunger.

Right after eating:  Potentially you are a little hungry. If so, eat meals slower and wait 20 minutes to see if you are still hungry.

  • 1 hour after eating: Feeling satisfied and not thinking about food.
  • 2 hours after eating: Still satisfied and not thinking about food. Potentially you have a craving if you are around food.
  • 3 hours after eating: Is it time for my next meal? You may not notice you are getting hungry or you will. This will change based on what you ate at your last meal, how much you ate and when you were last active. If you are starving reflect on the above. This is a great time to plan your next meal or start cooking.
  • 4 hours after eating: It’s time to eat, waiting much longer and you will make choices you didn’t plan on making. Like grabbing the closest cookie or hitting a drive through.

We don’t need to live our lives in a state of hunger or a mental state of thinking too much about food. If you find this is you, reflect on the above and make one of the simple changes today!

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