Double Down on Holiday Habits

Double down on your positive habits for the holiday season.

Holidays are AMAZING! Let’s admit it, yes, they are stressful. Yes, they are busy. Yes, they are expensive. But… we get to give and hang out with all the people we love and appreciate in our lives. We get to give to others and we get to be with others. What else is this life all about? SO… how can we make it more about fun and less about the stress?

Have a plan and double down on your successful healthy habits. This concept is all about building and creating success vs. restricting and taking away. You know as well as I do that if we aren’t supposed to eat the cookie, all we want to do is eat the cookie. SO, we change the focus.

We build healthy habits and then if we want to eat the cookie, we eat the cookie. If we don’t want to eat the cookie, we don’t eat the cookie. It’s a game of stacking the positive so the “negative” has less of an effect and hold on us. This is as simple as creating a plan for your day, but more as it relates to food.

The average person puts on 6-8 pounds from December – January. With that knowledge, it’s important to be realistic with what you are expecting of yourself. A great goal is to maintain where you are at and prevent those Holiday pounds.

Here is what to do:

  • Set aside 20-30 minutes this week.
  • Take out your calendar and write out every event or tempting situation you know you’ll be in between now and the first week of January. Depending on how many there are, your plan can vary.
  • Now determine which ones are really important to you.For example, on Christmas Day I will be with my husband’s family. It is important to me that I enjoy that day with no stress around food. So, I need a plan to make that guilt and stress-free. The week of Christmas I have a few days planned to ski as well. So, if I look at the week as a whole, I can plug in the healthy habits that will impact me the most.
    • Here is what that looks like for me:
      • Each day I will get 4 servings of vegetables.
      • I will drink 60+ ounces of water.
      • I will make sure to walk for a minimum of 15 minutes after any meal or treat that is indulgent.

With this written out, I can go into Christmas week with less stress and know how I will handle food.

    • Here is what that looks like in detail for my Christmas day:
      • I will have 2 hand-eye meals (breakfast and lunch).
      • I will eat 4 serving of veggies, so that means veggies come first at Christmas dinner.
      • I will get my 60+ ounces of water and after dinner, I’ll grab a family member and take a 15-minute walk, the rest is freedom.

It’s all about building on our successes, finding what we can do and committing to that. You know as well as I do that restriction is not a sustainable solution. Break free from the “good” vs. “bad” and come into this holiday season armed with healthy habits that work for you.

If you don’t have habits that you know work for you, steal mine. Have a veggie goal, a water goal and a movement goal for each day. Keep it simple and obtainable. Adding complexity is the way to frustration. If you need help with your Holiday plan email me (, I live for this stuff.

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