Are you going strong with your New Year’s Resolutions?








Are you going strong with your New Year’s Resolutions? If you’ve fallen off the train you’re not alone. According to more, the 42% of people have stopped their New Year’s Resolution by now. This makes sense to me as we need engagement, or a program to follow or accountability from an outside source to keep the train moving. There are also SO many things to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Do we focus on our health, weight, productivity or time with family and friends?


Give yourself a little mental break from the stress of being perfect and pick a new habit to focus on for the next 4 weeks. Picking a new focus each month keeps it fresh and helps keep us motivated. Since this is a nutrition blog, I’m going to suggest making the habit relevant to nutrition and health.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Having 1 more glass of water per day then you have now.
  • Having 1 more serving of veggies per day.
  • Replacing one cup of coffee with tea (Chaga tea is all the rage).
  • Eating in a time restricted eating (T.R.E)window in the range of 8-12 hours.
  • Getting protein at every meal.
  • Setting aside 2 hours a week to prep food for the following week.
  • Try one new vegetable a week you’ve never tried.
  • Start a 5 minutes a day meditation habit.
  • Add in 5-15 minutes of moving per day.
  • Always have a health-promoting beverage you’re sipping on like a greens drink, electrolytes or water with or without lemon.
  • Stop eating after 6 or 7 pm.
  • Eat slowly, taking 20 minutes to finish a meal.


Pick one and only one. Set yourself up for success by keeping the habit simple and telling a few loved ones or friends about your next 4-week commitment. Put it on your calendar with reminders, start and end dates. At the end of the 4-weeks decide if the habit was a good one for you and your goals. If it was, keep it and move on to a new habit. For the next 4 weeks, I’m picking the T.R.E. window of 10 hours. Once I have my first meal I have 10 hours until the last bite. There, I put it out there and now I feel more obliged to follow through. Put your next 4-week goal in the comments and most of all have fun!

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